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Monday, 9 September 2013

All in a days work.

My friends and family often ask me what I "do" each day.  Sometimes I can't quite answer.  All I know is that I am busy.  I know that some days I seem to go from one job to another without actually finishing any of them.  I'm putting that down to menopause!
But not all days are like that.  When hubby is away I am particularly busy doing his jobs as well as my
own. Because of the lingering and devastating drought at our Julia Creek properties he has been away a lot this year so I have to be super organised to get through all his jobs plus my own.  So I thought I would carry the camera around with me this morning to photograph the jobs that I did before lunch.
My day began at 6am when I took the dogs (any myself) for a half hour walk.
After that I moved a mob of cows that were close to the house.

Cooked up sausages and eggs for breakfast (I almost alway have protein) and flicked through Jamies latest book while drinking my cup of tea.
After breakfast, loaded up lick blocks.....
And gave them to the cows who devour them!
Opened and shut seven gates - twice!

Had a bit of a chat to the cows who come up to the quad for a pat.
Went to check on one of the stud bulls that has an infected pisel.  The vet will have to administer antibiotics.
Feed lick blocks to the next mob of cows.  This is 270.  She was the cow that had twins last year.  Sadly we found the calf that she delivered this year with the umbilical cord around its neck.
I went and picked up some cow pats........
.......and spread them around my vegetable garden
Collected the washing from the line and brought them inside for folding
Just before lunch I sat down and did the cattle rotations for this week
I have lunch about 1pm and stay inside to catch up on things in the office. I do like to watch some of the afternoon cooking shows, particularly Everyday Gourmet and Alive and Cooking.  At about 4pm I go outside and potter around in the garden, either watering, weeding or planting.  Today I have to dig out some cannas that have taken over a section of my garden.  
So, my days are busy.  That are not always like this.  When hubby is home I get to play with my camera or do some scrapbooking.  Sadly those things have been put on the back burner this year.

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