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Wednesday, 11 July 2012


A kiss from Mum
My husband came bursting through the door this morning yelling "Come and have a look.  We've got twins!"  His excitement was contagious, but twin what?  DH had just come back from mustering the  cows into the yards for their annual Vibrio and Pesti shots.  I walked over to the cattle yards with DH and there they were. A boy (bull)  and a girl (heifer) and one very proud mother.
The bull calf

Mum, without a doubt, is the best cow in our mob to have given birth to twins.  She is so protective and has a huge udder of milk to feed her babies.  She is also very quiet and keeps a constant lookout for her babies.  The female calf is a bit of a scally-wag and very lively whereas the male calf is just content to feed and sleep.  
Sibling Love
What also makes these two calves so fantastic is that their Sire, Craiglea Admiral, had to be put down.  He was young and only running with cows for a short while.  We had those cows pregnancy tested and there were only six cows out of the mob that he mated with before his untimely death.  He was a junior champion bull on the show circuit and we always thought his progeny would be exceptional.  We were not wrong.
The Milk Bar!

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