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Saturday, 7 July 2012

The coloured sands at Elim Beach

Sometimes you stumble upon something so beautiful that it takes your breath away.  The coloured sands at Elim Beach did that for me.

Last weekend the photography group visited Cooktown.  I've been there before and loved the place even though the wind almost blew us backwards on that particular visit.  This trip, someone in the group mentioned that there were coloured sands north of Cooktown near Hopevale that might be worth a visit.  What an understatement.  

It took us a couple of hours (after numerous photo stops!) to reach our destination but what a treat.  I had been to the coloured sands at forty mile beach on the Queensland sunshine coast, but believe me, these were one hundred times better....perhaps it's because the number of visitors is about one hundredth and you don't run the risk of being run over by
 a four wheel drive vehicle when you walk alone the beach.
Anyway as I mentioned, the coloured sands at Elim Beach east of Hopevale,  are spectacular and well worth a visit if you get the opportunity.

We only drove for a couple of kilometres along the beach but we could have travelled many more had we had the time.  The tide was out....something you have to be very aware of....and you must also have in the back of your mind that this is crocodile country!  We didn't spot any, but you never know where they might lurk.

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