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Monday, 9 July 2012

Crocodile on the Daintree River

We came home from Cooktown via the Daintree National Park.  It is a truly magnificent drive if you don't mind the dirt road and a few quite steep mountains to climb.  It is most definitely four wheel drive only although we did pass a Wicked Van!  We think he probably only got as far as the first creek crossing.  As we were driving parallel to the Daintree River I glanced out the window to see this monster sunning himself on the river bank.  It was difficult to get a photo as he was on the other side of the river to where we were driving but you do get the idea of how incredibly aggressive these monsters are.  This one was about two metres long and a baby by Daintree standard, but it would still easily take a life.
Daintree River

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