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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Seminyak Day 2

 Michelle had mentioned over dinner last night that she had taken her mother to Finns Beach Club at Kuta on their last visit to Bali and her mum had loved it so we decided that we would go there today and check it out.
We finally hailed a taxi on this busy Sunday morning and it wasn't our taxi of choice.  The best taxi to hail in Bali is the Blue Bird Taxi as they are metered whereas the others just charge what they want!
It cost us approximately $20AU to get to Finns which was a bit expensive for the 6km journey but the traffic is so congested that it took us almost half an hour to get there!
Finns Beach Club is very upmarket and quite a nice place to relax.  We chose the four person day bed on the oceans edge and with its large umbrella it gave shade to those of us who needed it.  We really just chilled out sipping cocktails (for the ladies) and Bintang Beer (for the boys).  When we became too hot we took a dip in the large wet edge pool, and for Philip it was straight into the ocean.  When we became hungry we called the waiter to our bed and ordered hamburgers, pizza and San Chow Bau. No complaints about the meals as they were all delicious.

Looking towards Denpassar

We left the beach club when the sun became very hot at about 2.00pm and were pleased to return to our air-conditioned villas for a nap.
When we returned to our villas we were told that they were fumigating for mosquitoes at 4.00 pm so we made the choice to meet at 4pm  and find somewhere to enjoy cocktails before dinner.  There are so many restaurants and bars along the main street of Seminyak, each one as good as the next.  We decided on the restaurant the our friends had eaten at on their first night and it was a good choice.  The restaurant was beautifully styled with lots of lovely chandeliers and the jazz music playing softly in the background added to the ambience.
Looking down from our balcony table
I ordered a salad for starters and confit duck for second course.  Both courses were excellent and the duck was extraordinarily tender.  Some of our chefs in Australia need to take heed at cooking duck!
Salad for starters
Ginger infused cocktail that was sooooo delicious!

We were back in our room by 10pm and I think I was asleep by 10.01pm.

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