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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Port Douglas Carnivale 2017 - Part 1

At the beginning of every year we sit down with the planner and mark off all the events and places we want to attend throughout the year.  It works in principal but not always in theory.  We had marked off the Carnivale weekend without realising that we would have some many other things happening at the same time.  Weed spraying and preparing the road for bitumen just happened to fall in the week leading up to Carnivale and we almost called off the whole thing.  Philip was feeling quite overwhelmed but we sat down and worked out a plan of what we had to complete before we could go away for the weekend.  We were intending to stay for three nights for Carnivale but decided that it would have to be two nights and I was happy with that.
We arrived in Port at 3.30 pm on Friday evening as I had an appointment for a pedicure and manicure that I didn't want to cancel.  Philip dropped me off and then went to the Tropic Breeze (aka Tropic Squeeze!) Van Park to check-in and unpack the camper.  We decided to meet at 4.30 pm and make our way to the Courthouse Hotel to pick a good seat to watch the street parade that would start around about 6.00 pm.  
I have never seen so many people in Port!  The streets were packed and I was very pleased for the organisers.  We didn't have a great view of the passing parade and I could have moved closer for some photos, but I didn't.  Just too much bother!  After the parade we walked over to side show alley for a feed of german sausage hot dogs with sauerkraut and onion and chips on the side. We found a spot under one of the palm trees and sat down and enjoyed the meal.  We didn't have time to waste as we had tickets to "La Soiree" that was due to start at 8 pm.  
The programme described La Soiree as: 
"This late night spectacle will showcase Burlesque, Boylesque, Sideshow Stunts and Stand-up comedy.  Witness acts from titillating to terrifying and everything in between."
Now, I'm not a prude by any means but this show really should have had a XXX rating!  It was very risqué but also very funny and we did enjoy it......mostly.
We were well and truly tucked up in bed by midnight and were already looking forward to tomorrows rather busy day.

The Courthouse Hotel

Inside Wonderland Spiegeltent for the start of La Soiree.  No cameras allowed so shooting from the hip!

Our spot at Tropic Breeze Van Park

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