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Saturday, 23 April 2016

New beginnings.

I can now, finally, tell you all that we have sold the last of our Julia Creek properties......Yaaaaayyyyy!
It has taken over two years to sell because of the continuing drought in western Queensland but we were lucky enough to receive a very good wet season that meant we could market the property as "heavily grassed".  It didn't take long to sell!
Caleewa Downs has been in the McCowen family since 1958......58 years and three generations.  It has been a remarkable property rarely missing out on a "wet season" until recent years.  The new owner, we are certain, will also see the value in this blue chip property.
So now the packing begins......58 years of "stuff".  A lot will go straight to the dump and a lot will go with our son to his new property near Gympie.  Our son estimates 5-6 trips to move everything and I intend to go on one of the trips as I'm looking forward to seeing "Evergreen".
So, new beginnings for all of us.  For hubby and I it will mean retirement and lots of trips to visit those places that have been on the bucket list for quite awhile.  Most of these trips will be right here in Australia as there are not too many places in the world that we really have much inclination to visit whilst there is so much unrest in the world.  We love our little camper and always look forward to the next adventure in it.
On a sad note I was gutted to hear that Prince had died.  Oh my goodness, I really loved that man.  I have most of his albums and watched the Purple Rain movie so many times that I wore out the VHS tape!  He truly was a legend and his music will live forever.  RIP Prince and see you in the parallel universe.

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