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Friday, 4 March 2016

Going going gone....

We had the tree loppers turn up this week and the big tree that had fallen across the cattle yards after the mini tornado is now a big pile of smoking mulch.  We won't be able to use the mulch for many months until it breaks down but won't the garden love it!

You can see the damage to the shed over the cattle race.  Philip has some work in front of him!

I was talking to a friend who lives about a kilometre from our house and she was saying that they really copped the brunt of the storm.  They had a direct lightening strike on their house and lost all communication for many days.  She was saying that the sky turned a very ugly green and she knew that they were going to cop it.  She said they had thunder, lightening, rain and then hail but the whole thing only lasted twenty minutes.  I am so glad we weren't at home.  It must have been terrifying.

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