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Monday, 17 December 2012

Photography at Mossman Gorge

Our young friends Rachel and Christian bought themselves a brand new Canon camera so they asked if I could give them a few camera tips.  The best thing by far is just to get out there and take photos so we arranged to go to Mossman Gorge for a photo shoot.
Our first stop was at the new Mossman Gorge  Centre where we enjoyed a good cup of coffee at the Mayi Cafe before boarding the shuttle bus to the gorge.  This is a much better arrangement than it was previously where you drove your car to the gorge.  That used to be a nightmare as the narrow road to the gorge gave cause to many games of "Chicken" and when you finally got to the car park you couldn't find a park!
The gorge is usually a delightfully cool place to be on a hot summers day but as it has been so dry of late, we all found it very humid.  Anyway, we persevered the heat and took a walk through the rainforest, stopping for some nice photography.  Christians mum and dad (Kate and Mike) also joined us.  I did dip my toes in the water at the gorge and was very surprised to find that it was extremely cold!      Here are some photos from the day.

Our friends and DH (stands for Darling Husband NOT Dick Head)

Some of the little ferns on the rainforest floor

Very inviting!

I wonder how this young person got to the  middle of the river without getting wet!

Even the Cassowary is into the Xmas spirit!

Visitors enjoying the VERY cool waters

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  1. Hi Judi, that really makes me homesick! yes, I suppose it will be a very different experience visiting the gorge when we return one day. Right now, we are still here in Darwin and looking forward to a quiet Christmas after our big adventure during the year. Merry Christmas to you and your family, take care, regards,