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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Anyone for Roast Pork?

Son keeps an excellent eye on his roast.
Living on a cattle station meant that we always had a freezer of beef and pork for us was a real treat.  It was always the meat of choice for birthday celebrations and christmas was never the same without roast pork.  So when son and DIL invited us to Caleewa for their annual christmas party with a Pig-On-A-Spit, all other plans went out the window!  We were off to Julia Creek!
Happy Roasting.

Removing the extremely hot rod.
Making certain that the pork is cooked.  It is.
We took Grandma with us for the drive.  She loves going back to Caleewa and enjoys being with the family.  On the morning of the party DIL cooked up a storm in the kitchen. Vegetables were prepared for cooking in the coals and all types of salads and nibbles were created.  Son and DH started preparations for cooking the pig first thing in the morning and by lunchtime the pig was happily spinning away on the spit.  There is something about the smell of pork, with that wonderful crackling, cooking over coals.  It is a smell like no other.  Guests started arriving at Caleewa before the sun went down and just on dark son and DIL set out the food for all the lucky guests.  What a feast!
Gathering around for the feast ahead.

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  1. We finished the last of her the other night- I made a fried rice! It was delicious!