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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mt. Lewis National Park

We live just a few kilometres from the Mt. Lewis National Park so it's a lovely "Sunday" drive for us.  I went to Mt. Lewis at the beginning of the year with the Port Douglas Orchid group and I loved it.

 It is a pristine rainforest and we are so blessed that we have these areas set aside for our enjoyment.  We drove the 28 kilometres to the end of the national park road and stopped many times along the way to photograph some of the lovely creeks.  

We walked a little way along (actually in) Mary Creek and I've been told that if we had've walked a little further we would have come to quite a lovely waterfall. Apparently though you have to be very careful near the waterfall because the rocks are like glass and if you slip on them you would slide all the way over the waterfall!

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