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Thursday, 2 August 2012

What to do with an excess of LEMONS!

Lemons, lemons, lemons.  I have been having nightmares about them.  We have a huge excess of them this year in fact all the citrus trees have been bearing an amazing amount of fruit.  The mandarins were the first to ripen and were so sweet and delicious.  The birds also thought so, devouring almost half of them!  The navel oranges were also the juiciest and sweetest we have ever grown and we have been having freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast every morning.
The start of my Limoncello
But, the lemon tree has been the most prolific.  So what to do with those lemons.   I have been getting quite creative with recipes and adding lemon to lots of different things.  Fresh beans picked from the vegetable patch have been cooked with a slice of lemon zest and then a squeeze of lemon juice at the end of cooking time.  Topped with pine nuts, they are delicious.  I make up a delicious creamy lemon sauce and add green prawns to it and this is then poured over freshly made  pasta. I have also found an authentic recipe for Limoncello and have started the first step of this by pouring the vodka over the lemon rind.  This has to stay in a dark dry cupboard for 40 days and then a sugar syrup and more vodka is added.  This goes back into the cupboard for another 40 days so in a couple of months time we should have a lovely aperitif.

I have also made a microwaved lemon curd that is not only delicious on toast but when we had guests come to our place on the weekend I made lemon meringue tarts using the lemon curd.  Everyone loved them and the recipe has become a "keeper".
Lemon Meringue Tartlets

The next thing to make was marmalade.  My marmalade recipe uses lemon, orange and grapefruit and is a recipe that I have been making for many years.  The recipe came from the first womens weekly cookbook that was bought for me by my mother in 1977!

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