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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Mt Ida Fire Trail Walk

OR I could call this post "My friends tried to kill me on my Birthday"  Ha! Ha!  They didn't really but it sure felt like it!
The walk started well, nice and easy

Steep going up!
Yesterday we drove over to Herberton to stay the night with our very good friends Kate & Mike.  Mike cooked up a most delicious three course dinner for us and it was well after midnight before we hit the sack. During the lead-up to our visit Kate suggested that when we come over we might do a walk along the old mining trail called Mt. Ida.  It sounded like a good bit of exercise so after a bite of breakfast this morning....my birthday incidentally....we set off on the walk.  It started off easily enough and I wasn't even worried when Kate grabbed two "walking sticks" before we left.  I took my camera and monopod and in the first ten minutes I stopped many times for the many photographic opportunities,  This was easy going and I was feeling good, but then things changed.
And steep going down!

Kate found it easier to go down sideways!
 The trail started getting steep, and I mean REALLY steep.  The sort of steep where you want to get on your hands and knees and crawl upwards because of the fear that if you don't do that you will tumble backwards!

 It just seemed to go on and on but we finally reached the top.  Wheeww!  We made it!  But then, I remembered what goes up has got to come DOWN!  OMG!  This was a nightmare.  One step down, SLIP, another step down, SLIDE, another step down, STUMBLE.  This went on and on until we reached what I thought was the end of the trail only to be told but my dear friend Kate that we had another TWO of these hills to negotiate.

The view towards Stewart Head
Me, smiling for the camera without falling
When I got home I googled Mt. Ida Fire Trail and this is what it said:

"This trail is not too long (5.7km) but because of its steepness is better suited to fairly fit walkers.  You will need to exercise care with your footing on loose surfaces.  Begin at the Great Northern Carpark and follow the directions for the Magazine Road Escape trail until you get to the top of the steep fire trail slope where the Escape trail turns off.  Walk upwards a little further on the Firetrail and follow it as it turns to the left.  You are now on the Mt Ida Loop, which is the continuation of the well-formed fire trail.  You will now have three distinct steep climbs and descents across the three peaks of Mt Ida.  Many mineshafts are evident and spectacular views across Herberton and the neighbouring valleys will be seen.  At the top of Mt Ida you can also look behind you to the left and see the cliffs of Stewart Head in the distance - another walking track destination.  You will also notice the different vegetation on the peak - mountain heath plants are making their appearance.  Keep following the fire trail to return to the bitumen at Mowbray Road.   This road leads you back towards the township, past the Childrens Centre to to return to the Great Northern Carpark."

Paper Daisies along the trail
 I wish I had read this before we started but if I had, I would never have walked it!  Ah well.  We did it.  And it was a great accomplishment.
The boys resting!
Here we go again up, up, up!
No looking backwards!
Looking towards Herberton

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  1. Well, Judi, you will certainly remember THIS birthday!! Great photos and it really is a great achievement - I'm not sure that I could have done it.

    Happy birthday :D