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Saturday, 17 March 2012

A Foggy Morning in Paradise

The dogs and I, and sometimes DH, go for a walk every morning.  On this morning it was a particularly beautiful walk as the fog formed a glorious halo around everything.  My labrador, Hudson, was very photogenic in this shot.  He and Lily (the collie) are forever searching for little lizards in the long grass, and they bound along in front of us sniffing at everything.  DH says the dogs are "reading the mail".

We walk about three kilometres and it takes us about half an hour.  If I have the camera with me it takes an hour!  We walk as far as the paddock we call Two Tree.  This photo most certainly depicts the name of the paddock.  The two trees are dead and they are huge.  When we muster this paddock we are very careful not to got too close to them for fear that one day they might just fall over!

This is a photo of the dam below the house.  I don't usually take a photo of this because we have high voltage power lines running right behind the dam but this morning, thankfully, you couldn't see them because of all the fog.

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  1. Fantastic pics Judi, just love the dog pic, must scrap that one!!! But love the 3rd one near the dam, it looks like snow country! That's very coincidental about Heather's photo. I' sorry to hear you have a similar story! Very sad indeed. We've been watching biggest loser, the kids love it and one of the ladies on there lost her teenage son and she has been struggling with emotions and I have been pouring my heart out of a night on the couch, it must be the worst thing in the world to go through. Sending you a big hug, and can't wait to see you in Darwin! x