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Monday, 5 March 2012

Dog Wash Cafe

It's that time of the month again... dog wash day!  As soon as our border collie "Lily" sees the shampoo bottle she puts her tail between her legs.  She looks so forlorn, but the strangest thing is that once we start lathering her up she gets this wonderful look of contentment on her face, ahhhhhh!    

Lily is a working dog.
When the quad bike starts up she jumps on behind DH and away they go to muster the cattle.  She understands most  commands but likes being at the back of the mob or "tail".  It is a rarity to find a dog that likes to go to the lead of a mob of cattle, but most working dogs can be trained for to do that. It just takes patience!

Our other dog is "Hudson", a much loved golden labrador.  He is my dog and extremely loyal.  I take, or rather he takes me, for a long walk each morning.  Sometimes, if DH is also walking, Lily tags along but as she is very loyal to DH  she is wherever he is.
Bath time for Hudson is extremely enjoyable.  The only time he moves is if you get water near his ears.....he doesn't like that much.

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