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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Vale John Edward O'Neil

On Thursday we sad our last goodbyes to my mothers partner for the past 19 years.  He had just celebrated his 80th birthday.
John came into Mum's life shortly after my dad passed away but had been a family friend for many, many years.  John worked in Main Roads in those days and passed on a lot of work to my plumber father.  They were great mates.
I can't say that it was easy to accept John into mum's life, but it really didn't take very long for his charm to rub off and for us to see that he was good for mum.
They both built lovely houses on Ogilvie Road in Warwick but it wasn't long before Toowoomba called and they found the perfect place in Hume Street.......identical town houses side by side.
Every morning John would deliver the paper to Mum after he had read it. That was their way of checking on each other.  They also shared their evening meals in front of the TV.  Mum would make up her tray and walk the six or so steps to John's place where he would also have his tray made up.
They enjoyed wonderful holidays together seeing much of Australia until mum's health restricted her from traveling too far, so it was either the Gold or Sunshine Coasts along with the yearly visit to us her at Julatten.
John could be very opinionated and we did not see eye to eye on lots of things but he was also one of the kindest, generous big-hearted people I know.  I am going to miss him greatly.

RIP Johno.

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