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Friday, 21 April 2017

Cobbold Gorge

The drive from Undara to Cobold Gorge took us through Mount Surprise and then on to Georgetown where we turned south to head towards Forsyth.  From here it is 45 kilometres of good gravel road to finally reach our destination and what a destination it is!

The first thing to greet us is a beautiful infinity edge pool overlooking the lake and it didn't take long to check-in to our en-suite campsite and head straight to this oasis.

Our campsite is a lovely shaded spot and this is the first time we have had an en-suite attached.  It is such a luxury!

We had an enjoyable happy hour with our friends before lighting the bbq and feasting on some delicious roast pork and vegetables.  We all had an early night to prepare ourselves for our tour the next day.
The next day shone brightly and we all waited eagerly for our bus to be prepared.

The tour consisted of a short drive to the dry creek bed (that wasn't dry!) and then on to the meeting point for a walk along the boardwalk to the waiting boat to take us to the Gorge.  After this we then proceeded to the top of the gorge to look down on the meandering gorge and then a bush walk lead by our informative guide through the basalt country.  All up we walked over 7 kilometres today but it certainly didn't feel like it as we stopped at numerous places for an informed talk.  
The boat ride into the gorge was fabulous and the gorge itself is spectacular.  Most gorges that we have traversed have been very wide but this one was extremely narrow.  You could reach from one side to the other in a lot of places and the boat could not turn around at the end of the gorge so the guide takes the little motor from one end and attaches it to the other end to make the return journey.
Our second night we ate in the restaurant that was nothing to rave about but as they had only re-opened four days before we arrived I will give them the benefit of the doubt.  Cobbold Gorge is definitely a place we will return to.  There are numerous walking tracks that we didn't get a chance to walk and also a lovely spot to watch the sunset just a few kilometres from the village.  There are canoes free of charge to use on the lake and a golf driving range for those that are interested.  
We give this place 5 stars.

The end of the gorge

Our guide giving us a dreamtime talk

Looking down into the narrow gorge that was only discovered in the 80's

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