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Monday, 13 March 2017

A Family Affair

Months ago my two younger sisters and I planned a trip for them to come and visit us.  My youngest sister had not seen our new home that has been built for 10 years and my middle sister had not visited for about 5 years so it was certainly time for a visit!  The date was set and flights were booked.  Neither of my sisters can be away from home for long so it was going to be a four day break.  It was not long so I had to plan carefully.  Both of my sisters work in high paced environments so it was important that they also had some rest.  So, with that in mind I decided that we would spend the first couple of days at home and then on Friday I booked us into Sea Temple at Port Douglas and dinner in the evening at 2Fish Restaurant.  Breakfast on Saturday morning would be at Lure Restaurant on the Marina at Port Douglas and then on to Cairns to board their flight for home.  It was perfect.
It was lovely to spend time with them and what a talk-fest!!  The time flew and I did sleep for 10 hours after they left 😴 but what a great time we had together.  I loaded them up with as much fruit and vegetable that they could fit within their 20kg baggage allowance and copies of recipes that were my favourite tried and tested.  We will all be seeing each other again at the end of April when I will travel down to Toowoomba for mum's 80th birthday.  Can't wait.

Dinner at 2Fish Restaurant

Kathy and Philip chose the Duck for main

Robyn chose the barramundi
I chose the Coral Trout
A walk along the beach (??) next morning - forgot about the king tide

This is where our beach walk ended.  No crossing here!

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