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Friday, 25 November 2016

Where does the time go.....

My last post was on the 11th November and now it is the 25th.  What happened to those two weeks!  They seem to have been a blur.
The most heart stopping moment was a phone call from our daughter in law telling us that our son had an accident with an angle grinder and was in hospital.  I won't post any gory photos but needless to say it was not pretty.  The wheel from the grinder hit him in three places on his shin and although there has been some muscle damage the bone is still intact.  However he has been into surgery twice to have the area stitched and is now wearing a moon boot for a minimum of six weeks.  Marco spent six days in hospital and is now at home recovering.  Philip has flown down to give him a helping hand with the yard building that we was doing at the time of the accident and also to help with his cattle weaning.  He will be away about two weeks I believe.
Before Philip left we had his mother stay with us for a few days.  We try to take her on as many outings  as we can because she really is a "car dog".  This time we drove to the Daintree Village and then back to Port Douglas for lunch at the yacht club.
Dallas will be 82 in December!

Selfie time!

A decent menu at the Yacht Club - something for everyone

Beef and Bacon Burger for Philip

I ordered the calamari and salad....yummmmm
Dallas also enjoys mustering with Philip in our buggy and one other evening we enjoyed dinner in Cairns with our Kuranda friends.
I have also been busy on Gumtree selling various items surplus to our needs.  I am reducing my camera kit as I now find that I only use my iPhone for photographs and rarely pull out the DSLR.  All the photographs that I took on our holiday where taken with the iPhone.
I have also sold my MacBook Pro as I have replaced it with a MacBook Air.  I love it.  It travelled with me on holidays and as it is lighter than my iPad so I am also going to sell that.
This week we  advertised our Toyota Landcruiser tray back on Gumtree and Facebook.  We received four phone calls within the first hour and I have someone inspecting it today.  We are quietly confident of a sale.  We paid to have it detailed inside and out and it looks a million dollars!

The Julia Creek Dirt n Dust Festival committee approached me a couple of weeks ago to see if I could assist the event co-ordinator with a grant application to apply for funding to erect a permanent venue site.  I said yes immediately as it was a dream of ours when we were on the committee many years ago to have a permanent venue.  So far I have also really enjoyed the grant process and I look forward to working on further projects with these crazy people!

The old DirtnDust crowd...back together after 15 years!

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