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Monday, 11 July 2016


It has been a weekend of birthday celebrations.  First of all we had our great-nephew's first birthday party on Saturday.  It was a pirate theme and it was held under the magnificent shady trees in the park along the Cairns Esplanade.  Kit was too young yet to appreciate all the excitement around him but all the adults had a great time.  He is a gorgeous little fella and just this week he took his first steps and boy has he found them!  By the end of the afternoon he was so worn out from walking that he had once again reverted to crawling....

The birthday boy

Once of the guests brought along their pet Macaw.  Quite a magnificent creature

Another friend made Kit his birthday cake

Kit with his friends

Perhaps a future girlfriend?

The two brothers looking like twins in their matching coloured shirts!

Picnic in the Park

Mum, Dad and Bub

Cutting of the cake.

Saturday evening we finally got to use Philips birthday present voucher (from the family above).  It was a night aboard the Spirit of Cairns.  This is a dinner harbour cruise around Trinity Inlet.  It was a gorgeous night temperature wise and we spent most of our evening (in between courses) on the deck outside simply taking in the views.  Someone on the mainland was apparently celebrating a 50th birthday so we had quite a magnificent display of fireworks to watch. That was a real bonus and we wondered at the wealth of the people who paid for this display.  It went on for quite some time.....

Sunday was our daughter-in-law's birthday and although we couldn't be with her to help her celebrate her birthday, I made her a cake, sent her a photo of it and then we promptly devoured it, well not quite all of it!

So, it was a lovely weekend catching up with family and helping them celebrate their birthdays in different ways.

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  1. That cake was a lovely gesture Judi :) The weather looked fabulous for your barbecue and night cruise too! We are still trying to get through the leftovers from the weekend lol.