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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Time to Party...

What a crazy time we have had over the past couple of weeks.  Way too much food and wine has been consumed but we have been catching up with with friends that we haven't seen for quite awhile so that's a good excuse!
So, where to begin.
Our young friends from Townsville were the first visitors for 2015.  They were having a mini holiday in Port Douglas for Skye's birthday so they asked if they could come and visit us.  We hadn't meet their latest family member....Emmasyn....so it was a good opportunity.  Skye's mum was also with them so we invited them for a casual lunch.  We sat over lunch for hours catching up on each others news.  Their young son....Maddox....is a dream child.  He is just three years old but a real darling.  All he wanted to do was go and see our donkey and we kept him waiting, waiting, waiting!  First it was "after lunch" and then it was "when Emmasyn goes to sleep" and finally "when it stops raining".  That young fellow took it in his stride and when he finally saw the donkey he said "OK can we go home now".  Hahahaha.
On Friday night we had the long awaited 60th birthday party for my bestie, Lynn. All invitees were asked to dress Fifties style and it was wonderful to see so many that took the effort to dress.  I was a bit slack but hubby made a bit of an effort and wore braces and hat.  It was a great night at Sarayi, Palm Cove.  The music and food were excellent and the party went on until the week small hours.  Some did not even go to bed.
Fifties theme for Lynns birthday.

Family Snap

The Birthday Girl

The party continued the next day poolside at the Oasis Resort where we devoured brunch before making our way home.  It was wonderful to talk with friends that we had not seen for years.

Megan, Ada and Poppy Jack.

Wendy and Ada Elaine

Son and his "Little Sister" Nikki.

At brunch, Philip and I invited everyone to lunch at our place the next day.  We ended up with a group of about twenty at lunch and it was most relaxing to be able to sit back in the coolness of our verandah and spin a few yarns.

The "Boys" at Kuramar

and "The Girls" at Kuramar

We picked up our friends from Toowoomba on Friday.  They flew in especially for the party and then came home with us after the party.  They are with us as I write and we are thoroughly enjoying each others company.  We have not caught up face to face with each other for a couple of years so plenty of tales have been told.
Yesterday we decided to head for Cooktown for a seafood lunch.  We had been telling our friends about it being one of the windiest places we had ever visited, but boy oh boy we hit a doozy of a day yesterday.  It was a stinking hot day with barely a breath of wind.  But we persisted in our idea of seafood in the park under the treetops.  The prawns were hands down the best and freshest we have ever eaten.  We knew it had to be fresh because the seafood outlet has it's own trawler!  The only "bug bear" (excuse the pun) was the mosquitoes that ate us alive under the shade of the big tree.  We at our lunch in record time to get away from them.  However, the day was lovely and we all agree that Cooktown is worth another visit.

This is not what you want to see when you don't have much cash on hand!  Check the price of the fuel!

The fuel Monster!

Selfie at the lookout.

Looking out over the mouth of the Endeavour River.

Cooktown from the lookout

Fresh Prawns and a Seafood Basket.  Yummy

Lunch with the gulls.  Can you see the chips that we threw in the air?
On our way back from Cooktown I received a message to say that the Beach family were going to go out for dinner to celebrate Lynn's "real" birth day.  Of course we could not miss that.  Our friends decided to stay at home but Philip and I quickly showered and dressed and made our way once more to Palm Cove, this time to Pullman Sea Temple.  The meal was delicious but best of all was the time that I had to chat to my bestie.  We really did not have much time to chat at her party.  We sat over dinner for almost three hours and enjoyed every minute of it.

So that has been our past couple of weeks.  Busy but fun.

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