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Friday, 30 May 2014

Cattle Muster

We had a load of bulls to take west and we also had to clean the house of the property that we sold so we made our way out to Julia Creek last week.  It's a long day towing the gooseneck.  What normally takes us 9 hours took us 12 hours.  Needless to say we were stiff and tired by the end of the journey.  While we were out there we helped our son muster cattle.  We needed to draft out bulls that we were selling and move the cows to a different paddock.  I haven't been mustering with the men for a long while and enjoyed being in the Rhino

that is a jump up from the quad bike.  It does it least have two seats a roll bar, and lots of "jesus" bars.  I tell you, I was hanging on to those bars when we went flat out into the river channels turn back some wayward bulls!
It was pleasing to see the cows and calves in such good condition.  These cows should have been sold last year as they did not fall in our calving window.  Unfortunately we couldn't find a buyer for them and it doesn't look much better this year.

Here are some photos I took whilst mustering.

Good body of grass in this paddock.

Cows and Calves are in really good condition.

"Shootin the Breeze"

The dogs work very hard and cover a lot of hot miles so we take them for a swim in the trough.

The command for this is "Bogie-Up"

The command is "block em up"

These are the working dogs at their best - blocking a break-away cow.

Cattle mustered, now to the drafting......

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