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Monday, 21 April 2014

Waterfall Circuit

We've had the waterfall circuit at Millaa Millaa on the bucket list ever since we moved here but never seemed to get a round to it.  So when the photo club decided to make it one of their 2014 outings we grabbed the opportunity with delight.  And aren't we glad we did.
We met at the park in the centre of Millaa Millaa at 8am on Easter Saturday and after a quick cup of coffee we started the circuit.  The first falls to visit were the Millaa Millaa Falls.  We took plenty of photos from the grassy verge in front of the falls and then decided to take some photos from behind the falls.  It was rather a slippery walk under the falls but to see the mini rainbow behind the falls was well worth the walk.

Millaa Millaa Falls

Millaa Millaa Falls up close!

The next falls were Zillie.  Unfortunately you don't get a good look at the falls from the lookout but if you are adventurous you can make your way down to the bottom of the falls.  Three of our group (including me) decided to make the journey but I turned back about half way down.  It was extremely steep and slippery and I didn't know if I could make the journey back up!  As it turned out Hubby made it all the way down to the bottom and said it was easier coming up then down!  Ah well.  Maybe next time.

Zillie Falls

Can you spot Hubby?

The third and final falls on the circuit are Ellinjaa Falls.  They were certainly the most spectacular of the falls but by the time our group arrived there were many many tourists all trying to take a photo at the one and only available spot that was about two metres by two metres!  We hurriedly took our photos and vowed to return at a time when there were not as many people around.

Ellinjaa Falls

After the Millaa Millaa Falls circuit we all decided to go and have a look at the Barron Falls that we thought would be spectacular after the cyclone last weekend.  Alas, we were disappointed.  They were only trickling over the rocks. Nevertheless, we had a great day.

Barron Falls

I always love photo club outings.  Being with like minded people is great and I find my photography improves immensely by talking to the other photographers about camera settings and watching how the others frame their shot.

Some of the little Fungi that abounded around the falls

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  1. I thought I already posted a comment to this post, but I can't see it .. so if I repeat myself, I apologise lol!! I have thoroughly enjoyed your photos of the falls Judi, and I particularly loved the one of Ellinjaa Falls. Definitely one for the wall .. you picked the perfect shutter speed to create a beautiful image .. well done :)