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Monday, 7 January 2013

Grandma rides the Quad

Philip's mum came to stay with us between Christmas and New Year.  We enjoy having her here as she is so "easy".  She loves to wander over to the cattle yards when we are working cattle - this time we were drafting off our sale cows, and then she wanders out to the weaners to have a "chat" to them. Then there are the dogs that she loves so much. Hudson, our Labrador, reminds her of Pluto - the labrador that she had for many years.  She sits on the steps for ages and just pats them.  They love the attention.  So I was surprised when MIL came up to me sheepishly and asked if I would mind taking a photo of her on the quad bike - or four-wheeler as we call them.  She was having a hard time explaining to her friends what a "four-wheeler" was so she said a photo would be great.  These are the photos we took.  Of course we had to include Lily our border collier who never lets the motorbike move without being on the back!

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