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Friday, 10 February 2012

Our babies

We have just done a "wean" here on the farm.  We take the calves, who are now almost a year old, away from their mothers. We keep the weaners in the yards for two weeks and feed them a mixture of weaner meal and hay.

  We start tailing them out into a nearby paddock after the first week.  This is our way of training the weaners. DH goes out on the quad bike each evening to bring them back into the yard for a feed. 

 Eventually they get so used to the sound of the quad bike (which means feed) that when they hear the sound of the quad bike starting up they come  into the yard automatically rather than DH mustering them in. 
The mothers will now be joined to the bulls to (hopefully) fall pregnant.

We love our cattle sooooo much!  We have names for each one of our weaners (given at birth).  Here is a photo of Bayle.  We will grow her out to approx 350kg and she will eventually be joined to one of our bulls.  

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